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Holding company in Bulgaria

Holding companies are attractive to foreign investors who wish to do business with Bulgarian partners, and the main advantage of this form is the absence of restrictions in the affairs of local partners.

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We provide holding company registration solutions in Bulgaria, our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge about holdings companies. With us, the process of opening a holding will not be burdened with a lot of paperwork. Create a holding company with professional assistance!

The advantages of Holding Company in Bulgaria

Procedure and requirements

In most cases, for the legal registration of a holding, 80% of the shares are required, although in some situations, 5% is enough for full control of a local company by foreign partners. It is important to understand that the main goal of the holding is the management function and participation in any form of campaign. Also, at least 25% of the share capital must be invested in subsidiaries. A holding company in Bulgaria can be a joint stock company, a limited liability company. The advantage of the holding in Bulgaria is that, according to the Convention on the avoidance of double taxation, dividends received from the CIS countries are taxed at a reduced tax rate.

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