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Register a company in Bulgaria with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Banking in Bulgaria

Before joining the European Union, Bulgaria brought the country’s banking legislation in line with the general rules for the functioning of the banking system of the European Union.

The largest commercial banks in Bulgaria: Biochim, Bulbank, Eurobank, First Investment Bank, Hebrosbank, Unionbank, United Bulgarian Bank, SIBank. In addition, representative offices of such international banks as S.G. Ekspressbank, Raiffasen, Pireus, Rageh, Bulgarian American Credit Bank.

Open bank account

We offer assistance in opening bank accounts in Bulgaria. Experts will help you choose the optimal financial partner depending on the purpose for which the account is opened (an account for an individual or a company account). Collection and translation of documents. We clarify and provide the client with a list of documents required to open an account. Contact us and the specialists will give you all the information you need to open a bank account in Bulgaria.

Types of bank account

The Bulgarian banking system is very developed. The interests of the client in the bank sector are above all, therefore, the non-disclosure of bank secrets is protected at the legislative level and clients can rely on the confidentiality of information. Bulgaria is a perfect country conducting international business.


A corporate account has a wide range of instruments, as well as a range of different types of lending. Provides trade and structured finance services for your business in Bulgaria, both for operating companies and for holding one. The corporate account offers the development of individual solutions in the field of corporate finance - the acquisition of assets, securities, and other operations.


A personal bank account is not for business use, but for an individual to keep and manage personal funds and other assets. This would be a personal banking account rather than a shared corporate account or joint account.


A trading account can be any assets account including securities, cash or other holdings. Most commonly, trading account refers to a trading primary account.


A client of a Bulgarian bank can be a citizen of any country who has provided valid identity documents: a civil passport and a document confirming the address of residence; for example, paid utility bills. If you want to open an account remotely, then we will do everything for you; unlike legal entities, for this you only need a power of attorney and a copy of your passport.

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