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Company formation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most attractive countries in Europe for doing business. Because of economic and political stability, well-developed foreign trade, affordable real estate prices, and the stability of the Bulgarian currency. Moreover, incentive investment measures are favorable factors for business development. Besides, Bulgaria has been a NATO member since 2004 and the EU since 2007, which provides Bulgaria with investment and competitive advantages.

Considering Bulgaria

  • Stable economic and socio-political situation;
  • Duty-free trade with EU countries;
  • Important tourist center;
  • The opportunity to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence in a relatively short period (5 years
  • Low tax rates

Register business

Choosing the right legal form is a responsible task and requires a lot of knowledge and experience about each of the type of legal entity. Our team of experts has a lot of experience in this field and help with legal services on daily bases.

Business formation steps

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in Bulgaria must meet several requirements to quickly and correctly get started on the Bulgaria market.

1st Market research

The very first step in the company formation process is market research and entry. These are all potential consumers of goods and services with a high level of income.

2nd Choosing the company name

The second step is to choose the legal name of a company in Bulgaria. The selected option must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce. the company name must be unique and not contain special characters: ( ) ? ! * # /.

3rd Document preparation

The third step includes a lot of paperwork and document preparation. We will help you prepare the necessary documents for registering a company.

4th Bank account

Every company goes through a corporate bank account opening step. If you need help choosing corporate banking options in Bulgaria then our experts can help with that.

5th Tax identification number

Obtaining from the tax service a tax identification number and a VAT number. The entire process of applying for a VAT number can be completed within 5 business days. Our specialists will provide the best service for representing your company in Bulgarian tax authorities.

6th License acquisition

The last step is to acquire a business license for the company. We also provide assistance in obtaining a license in Bulgaria.

Our company offers comprehensive services for the formation of a company, we will help you prepare documents, obtain the necessary licenses, open a bank account so that your company successfully enters the Bulgaria market.

Market research and entry

The very first step before starting a company is doing the research of the market. Only when research is done, the next step is the market entry and company registration.

Market research

Market research is the systematic analysis, search, presentation and collection of data, information related to a specific market situation faced by an enterprise. Based on well-conducted research, the business reduces business risks and losses.

Market entry

The very necessary question for any businesspersons who would like to enter the market is “why?” The businessman should figure out whether it wants to increase turnover, expand the geography of sales, or attract foreign currency. When you have set a clear task and wrote a business plan, then the entrepreneur should analyze the market, the market dynamics, the country’s trade balance, production volume, and import volume.

Consultation about company formation

Given the state’s interest in a transparent and continuously developing investment climate on its territory, according to local legislation, the registration of a business in Bulgaria is not burdened with complicated requirements. Our team of lawyers will help you register a company in Bulgaria, and will advise you on all matters of registering a company.

You can register a company by these legal forms:

Limited Liability company

The most common form of incorporation In Luxembourg is a Limited Liability Company. This type of company is suitable for all commercial purposes – from commodity trading to asset management.

Joint Stock Company

JSC has a very similar structure as an LLC. Joint-stock companies’ stocks(shares) can be the subject of public trade. These shares of the stock can be bought and sold by other shareholders.

Holding Company

Holding Company is meant to hold the outstanding stock of other companies’. This type of companies purpose is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group.

Branch Office

The branch office is used for companies to satisfy customer needs for face-to-face interaction. Depending on the needs of the business, the Branch office can consist of a single individual or It can be staffed.

Accounting solution

Accounting shares how this integrated solution offers powerful efficiency and unparalleled flexibility to staff and clients. Get the competent business advice from our lawyers.

We have many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to register a company in Bulgaria and provide a solution for your business. Our lawyers, accountants, and business consultants will help you with the process of registering a company and the further conduct of your business. Register the company with us!

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