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Taxes in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian taxation system is based on the common European recommended schemes, taking into account the loyal policy of the local tax department. Therefore, today, when registering a company in this jurisdiction, you should remember about such features of local taxation as:


What are the taxes

Taxes in Bulgaria are balanced to ensure a combination of high living standards and social responsibility. The tax policy of the state is very effective in covering the main items of expenses, as well as the ability to provide favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and attracting foreign capital to the country.

Corporate income tax

The income tax rate in Bulgaria is 10%. This is one of the lowest rates in Europe. Residents of Bulgaria are subject to taxation on income earned both in Bulgaria and abroad. Non-residents of Bulgaria are subject to income tax only on income earned in Bulgaria.

Withholding tax

Income from dividends paid by Bulgarian companies to non-residents of Bulgaria is taxed at the rate of 5% at the source of payment. Residents of Bulgaria pay tax on income from dividends received domestically and abroad at the rate of 5%, reflecting the income in the tax return.

Personal income tax

Local income worldwide is taxed. Others are taxed on their sources of income from Bulgaria, subject to the terms of any relevant double taxation agreement.

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Tax system

There are direct taxes, indirect taxes, and fees in Luxembourg jurisdiction. Each group has Its own rules and conditions.

Value-added tax

The value-added tax rate in Bulgaria is 20%. The reduced rate is set for hotels and owners who rent out their properties at 9%. Zero VAT rate applies to Bulgarian exports and international transport services.

Social and medical contributions

Social security contributions and health care contributions are paid by the employer and employees on a gross salary basis. Taking into account the minimum and maximum payout level between 420 BGN and 2400 BGN. The employer pays 17.4% and the employee pays 12.9%.

Real estate taxes

Municipalities impose annual taxes on the value of land and buildings, which vary depending on where the property is located. The tax is calculated at 2% of the sales price.

Patent tax

For some business activities (retail, craftsmen, etc.) provided by small companies with an annual turnover of up to 50,000 BGN (about 25,540 EUR), there is a patent tax for them. The tax rate is fixed and not related to income. Such companies are not subject to corporate tax.

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